The Unseen Reaction

Countless beings roam around.
How did these bodies their way to this Earth found?
Of course it was the union of two souls,
But not just a mere single reaction in womb’s bowls!

The whole cosmos was in favor of the moment
Strong desires, from heavens, perfectly sent

The emotions mingled,
And the ego shredded.
Two paths merging into one.
Bliss that emanated, shone!
Thoughts twinning of two minds,
And ripples produced by good vibes.

No scope of negative intrusions.
Just the colors of a new life’s radiations!

Genes got passed on
And behaviours carried on.
Few new traits evolved
And some features replicated.

Two nuclei fusing into one
Happy dreams played the catalyst in the run.
Protons reacting from the crust to the core,
Positivities sailing on the shore.

A fate being written in a rhyme –
A journey of a new lifetime!

Two cells in a space confined –
Springing into a human
with reactions undefined….

Wish we could see such
magical unseen reaction.
Only if we were God with the ability
to do a life-creation!

Written in response to Reena’s exploration challenge #141

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